Reloadable Shells Adapters

37MM and 40MM

By GROG   Copyright 2012 3LC Productions


 Recently Scot over at sent me a couple adapters for T&E. Adapters are used in both 37MM and 40MM to shoot smaller caliber items out of the larger tubes of the launchers. They are normally used in shotgun calibers or 26.5MM for using surplus flares. Scot provided a 12ga to 37MM adapter and a 26.5MM to 40MM adapter for my review.


I will start with the 37MM to 12ga adapter for reviewing. I will start out by saying that Scot’s adapters are quite different than I am used to seeing. I have several other adapters by several other manufacturers. Scot has put a lot of CNC work into his adapters. The 37MM to 12ga in particular. The main difference I notice is the amount of machining he has put into his adapters. The base of the adapter has two milled out grooves on either side of where the 12ga shell sits, so that when you fire the round you can easily remove the 12ga casing without removing the adapter from the launcher barrel. Simply ease a fingernail in under the rim on both sides and work it out. You can use a coin also if you have chewed up nails like mine.


As you can see form the above photos, there is plenty of room to get the 12ga casing out.


But, Scot did not stop there when designing and putting thought into his adapter. He also machined a space for a rubber “O” ring inside, to hold the 12ga shell in the adapter while not in a launcher.


When you place a 12ga shell into the adapter, in other adapters the shell can fall right back out if tipped upside down. Not so with Scot’s adapter. You can put this adapter loaded with a 12ga round, into a bandolier without being concerned with losing your 12ga shell.


But… Scot didn’t stop there… He also machines the outside of his adapter with an attractive hand grip pattern, and then anodizes them black. (…or your choice of color…)


The rim of the adapter is 0.115” thick, and has an OD of 1.695”. The barrel portion has an OD of 1.520” and the adapter is 3.225” tall. The top is tapered to allow easy loading into any launcher. 12ga shells load easily into the casing. The barrel portion is .365” thick. Plenty to handle the pressures associated with 12ga munitions.


I really like the amount of work Scot has put into a simple thing like an adapter. Where most manufacturers try to keep it simple, Scot has added features to his that someone who shoots a lot will appreciate. These adapters were made for combat. You can have several loaded and ready to go, without fear of losing the 12ga out of them when hurriedly loading them into your launcher.


Being a 12ga to 37MM adapter, your launcher needs to be registered as a Destructive Device in the US, as per the NFA, even for you to possess this adapter with a launcher.


Next, the 26.5MM to 40MM adapter.


I like the shape of the adapter. J It kinda reminds me of the 40MM CANNON round. The adapter is machined to hold the standard surplus 26.5MM flares as available from Dan’s ammo and other distributors. It is anodized black, and has the signature grooves in the sides. The barrel is machined straight, so there is no lip for things to get caught on inside. The 26.5MM flares and smokes sit nicely in the adapter. The rim area is set up so that the primer of the 26.5MM is flush with the top of the rim.



Video of Adapter test 1


The adapters were tested using various munitions and functioned without exception. These adapters are made for performance, and will not fail when needed. They are easy to use, and look good too. I highly recommend these adapters for use in military or LE, or even home defense usage. The 12ga also comes in 40MM for those with 40MM tubes.


More testing videos will be put up as time permits. GROG





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