Launcher Review

"Thumper" 37mm



This review is of the 37mm "Thumper" style launcher owned and sold by "Big Boy's Toys" located in PA. The launcher itself has a heavy aluminum barrel, and is very sturdy. The launcher has a flip up style rear sight, and the front sight is milled into the barrel. The stock is made of plastic, but is very heavy duty. Opening the launcher is done by pulling forward on the barrel latch buttons located on the top of the launcher. This releases the barrel latch, opening the barrel. The chamber of the launcher is of a shorter type, and I have been informed that this can be corrected by milling the chamber either deeper, or the entire length of the barrel. M-79 stocks may be fitted to the "Thumper" for a more realistic look. Replacement parts are available from the owner of the company. This launcher is capable of firing all types of 37mm ammo, and would be a good choice for both distress signal launching and LE applications.

PRICE-- $175.00   Very good price for a sturdy launcher

QUALITY-- Quality built launcher can stand up to much abuse unlike others

AVAILABILITY-- Available from the company owner, soon to be offered anodized in many different colors including camo!

The launcher functions by opening the chamber and placing a round in, and relocking the chamber. Care must be exercised as there is no active safety device. The launcher hammer is then pulled back to a cocked position, aimed and fired. Opening the breech allows for the spent casing to be removed.

The launcher overall length is 27"

Barrel length is 13"

Chamber depth as cut on original model is 4", but can be any depth.

Rear sight has 5 holes, it is unknown as to what range these holes indicate.

Trigger pull is rather stiff, but better since there is no active safety. Here are a few more photos:

Thumper3                                  Thumper4



Here's a photo of one with an M-79 stock added. Very nice indeed!


Company owner: Jason

Phone number: (570) 465-2051

Company Name: Big Boys Toys-- Specializes in 37mm launchers and paintball equipment, as well as military surplus.

Hours: TUE-SAT 11AM-8PM