Grog's 40mm launcher

(Shivak M-203)


Copyright 2003 3LC Productions


Pictured above with a few rounds from my collection...


This will be a little section on my M-203. It is manufactured by Randy Shivak. I've had the launcher almost a year now, and have experienced no problems with it. I bought a standard 40mm barrel for it (12") and also bought a 37mm (9") carbine barrel for it. I had to do a wee bit of machining on the 37mm barrel for it to load the standard large based 37mm aluminum and plastic casings. With a little lathe work, it loads just fine. I bought the quadrant sight from RPB inc. They do sell real quadrant sights, but fake leaf sights. I managed to locate a leaf sight from a good friend overseas, so no problem. The handguard is one of those cheap ones bought from Fireballs inc. With a little dremel work, it makes an acceptable handguard. You have to take your time and have patience to get it to look right, but once it's done, it'll look just fine. (See photos below)  I've fired many different types of rounds through both the 40mm and 37mm barrels, as well as had some rather nice shotgun shell adapters made, which work fantastic. Prices on M-203 receivers vary greatly, depending on where you buy, and if you want new or used. Here's a photo of me and the 203:


My receiver was featured in the Jan 04 issue of Small Arms Review Magazine. When originally purchased, the barrel rails fit snugly. After some lube, and working, it opens and closes fine now. Here are a few more photos as well as a photo of my 203:


Here's the front of the launcher. The shortie handguard works well after mucho dremel work. Leaf sight provided by a friend. Pictured here with two of my 40mm buckshot rounds.


Serial number of my thumper and AR SP1.


Other side view.