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Reloading guide, for use by Law Enforcement, Department of Corrections and civilians.

37mm and 40mm round identification information and photographs, spec sheets, and Military Manuals included.

Cutaway Photos, diagrams, and spec sheets so you can see the "nuts and bolts" of these rounds.

Military Ammunition Spec sheets on all 40mm rounds used by our armed forces.

Testing and evaluations of Military launchers, ammunition, and commercially manufactured launchers and ammo, as well as chemicals and suppliers.


   $45.00 shipped

2. Grog's Advanced 37mm and 40mm  reloading guide

Advanced Guide Cover

New as of 12/19/04, this CD has some new and very useful reloading information. New projos, and mpeg movies on actual reloading, and some range time. This is not a replacement for the basic disc, and includes all new reloading info. If you want further launches, and exciting new methods of projo making, this disc is for you! Check the order form for pricing on this disc, or a complete set with the basic disc. These discs are updated with new information and photos frequently.

PRICING: $45 shipped

You can buy both for $75 shipped, and I throw in a free copy of my 40mm reference library that has info and photos of a majority of the 40mm rounds used in the US and some from other nations.

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All CD orders are accepted via Postal Mail only. Orders will not be accepted unless properly completed order form is sent with order and proper funds. Send a check or Money order to George Confer 212 Kelley Rd Canton PA 17724. Your CD will be shipped as soon as funds are received. (Please allow 2-4 weeks for personal checks to clear)

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