Precision Pyrotechnic Supply LLC

Specializing in tubes, fuse, and plugs to make 26.5mm, 37mm, and 40mm pyrotechnic devices


  This review is on products from Precision Pyrotechnic Supply LLC, owned by Tyrel Rouse, one of our forum members. Tyrel provided me with some samples of the items he stocks. These included tubes of various sizes, with different wall thicknesses, plugs that fit into those tubes, and fuse sections. These tubes appear to be of high quality and would be simple to use to make some nice pyro rounds. He also provided loading instructions that contain detailed steps on creating rounds such as smokes, flares, para flares, and cluster bursts. I have gone over all the instructions he provided and all appear to be safe loadings. He is very concerned about the safety of people using his products, as am I. Tyrel says that he will meet or beat any price on similar products on the web. He is currently working on his website. Until then, orders can be taken by phone at 608-235-2865 or off Gunbroker.


Tyrel advises that he also stocks launchers from Ordinance Group, Spikes Tactical, and Exotic Firearms. He has chosen tubes that fit well into casings from MLR, ASA, and other companies. He is planning on offering adjustable molds for making your own projectiles soon, and also some resin castings.

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