G&P's Stand-alone

and QD mounts review

Written by GROG


Recently I purchased the above stand-alone unit from UN Company, an Airsoft dealer from Hong Kong. See the review below!


It arrived only 4 days after I ordered it, but that's not the only good thing I have to say about this stand-alone unit from UN Company! To say the least, it is a quality unit. The stand alone unit cost me 250 plus around 45 shipping. I purchased the QD mount (the mount that holds the launcher onto the AR or stand alone unit) a couple months ago for 50 bucks. Both these units are made by G&P Corp, and it's very difficult to believe they are made, and marketed as toys... Both the QD mount and stand-alone unit fit my 203 perfectly, as if they made them to fit my personal launcher. The stand alone unit uses a real AR pistol grip, with a steel pinned swivel point mount in the bottom of the grip. There are snap swivel mounting holes galore on this unit. You can mount the snap swivel on the top rear, on the front (as pictured above) or on the bottom of the pistol grip, or on either side just above the grip. The butt pad of the unit is hard rubber, with a solid aluminum backer, attached with two screws. The rear sight is set up for either 50 meters (sight down) then with sight up, it's set at 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 350 meters, on a ladder type rear sight. The sight notches start centered, and go to the left, the further you are shooting. The rail system on either side is aluminum, attached to the main body of the unit with two set screws. (you could add another, but not needed) The butt-stock extends by twisting the butt sideways and pulling the stock out to any of 4 possible positions, and twisting it back. The entire unit is made of aluminum, and coated with a nice parkerized finish. The top rail is attached to the main body by three set screws. The rear sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. It is a very good quality piece of equipment, and I highly recommend it if you use your 203 by itself a lot, or if you want the option of taking only the 203 to the range. Here are a couple more photos:


This photo shows the 203 attached, barrel end. You can see the QD mount attached, as well as the snap swivel on the stand alone unit.


Here's one with the 203 removed...


Here's a photo showing the rear of the unit and rear of sight. All adjustments function properly.


Here's a top view with the snap swivel attached at the rear, as well as the elevation adjusting screws on the sight.


This one shows the stock fully extended. It is a 4 position stock that locks where the cutouts are on the stock bar.


Here's a photo showing the underside of the unit, with stock collapsed fully. Also, you can see the QD mount on the 203. It uses hex head screws to attach it to the 203, and they are properly threaded, and hold the mount very solidly to either your AR or stand-alone unit.

The unit was taken to the range on 5/5/05 and a number of rounds were fired from it, including 781 practice, 12ga OOB and 12ga slugs. All functioned, no problem at all, and both the QD mount and the stand-alone unit functioned flawlessly. It is one nice piece of equipment, and a LOT cheaper than similar units purchased in this country... GROG




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