ALS ammo review

Available from Oliver at our forum

Review by GROG

Copyright 2004 3LC Productions

This review will be on a few rounds of 37/40mm ammo available from ALS Inc. They have a rather large assortment of 37/40mm ammo including most less lethal rounds, and the webshot round, as well as long and short range smokes and CS and OC. They also have a "triple burst" smoke round. Here's an interior view of a long range smoke round:


Top is the 37/40mm casing, then the smoke projo (Aluminum encased) then the wads and seals. It is a simple round, and the range is approx 150 yards for the Long Range smoke.


Here's a photo of three of the five rounds I purchased. Long Range White Smoke, Triple burst white smoke, and long range CS.

LAUNCH DATA for LR White Smoke round:

Launcher used: Shivak M-203 with 37mm non rifled 9" barrel

Ground conditions: Wet, just after snowfall to prevent possibility of forest fires.

Area Conditions: Medium tree cover, mostly smaller diameter trees.

Effectiveness and smoke generation, ignition: Positive ignition, 30 sec burn, good smoke!

Range fired at 45 degree angle: approx 150 yards


Anyone interested in purchasing these rounds or any other ALS round, can do so through Oliver at . He is a good guy and trustworthy. Highly recommended! Drop him an e-mail for current prices. Only slightly above LE prices. GROG